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Texas Labradoodles breeder

Our Australian Labradoodle puppies at Texas Labradoodles

A picture is worth a thousand words and although we can talk about our wonderful dogs all day long, we hope you enjoy some of these sweet faces and funny pictures of our precious babies. We love sharing photos of our Australian Labradoodles. Striving to breed the perfect parents in order to deliver perfect puppies is our #1 goal for looks, temperament, trainability and coat. Our dogs are ALAA registered multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. Starting with the best Australian bloodlines 19 years ago has allowed us to continue to improve the trainability, temperament, coat and overall quality of our dogs by choosing the best of our puppies for our breeding program.

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Labradoodle Puppies Austin Texas
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Why are Texas Labradoodles so great?

Time and experience raising Australian Labradoodles has made our dogs phenomenal in every way. We are so blessed to have started our breeding program with the very best bloodlines and we’ve been able to build an incredible breeding program from there.All of our precious puppies have all of the wonderful qualities that are most desired in our breed: 

  • Hypo-allergenic, very-low shed to no-shed coats
  • Sweet temperaments
  • High trainability
  • Proper Socialization starting at 3 days old
  • Wonderful with children
  • Trainable as therapy dogs, assistance dogs and even guide dogs.
Labradoodle Puppies Austin Texas
Labradoodles Dripping Springs Texas
labradoodle puppies for sale Austin
Labradoodle Puppies near me in Texas

One of our Labradoodle puppies at 4 weeks old

Our puppies are delivered in our home and receive daily handling and love from birth. We provide our puppies and dogs with a large play area, lots of toys and tons of socialization that starts at just 3 days old.

We know that love and socialization are the keys to taking the fantastic temperament of Labradoodles and strengthening it to make them the best family members possible.

The most influential socialization period for puppies is from 4 to 16 weeks old and we take steps everyday to strengthen their neurological systems during that time. We put our puppies on new surfaces, introduce them to new sounds, big hats, sunglasses, everything we can think of to make them conditioned to everyday life. This is one of the best ways to create confident dogs that enjoy people, places and things with the joy and happiness Labradoodles are known for.


Texas Labradoodles is ALAA Registered

We breed premium ALAA registered multi-generational authentic Australian Labradoodles. Our dogs are the pinnacle of Labradoodles and what every person that is searching for a Labradoodle wants in their new family member.

Check our Prepare for Your Puppy page to learn about what you need to do to get ready for your new Australia Labradoodle puppy.

 Our Labradoodle Breeding Program is almost Two Decades Old!

Our breeding program began in 2006. We started with the finest Australian Labradoodle breeder mentor in the ALAA, Butch Charlton.

We feel so blessed every day to have these exceptional dogs as the center of our lives as well as the wonderful people that we have relationships with through our dogs. Australian Labradoodles have stolen the hearts of so many people because they are truly special dogs.
Their human-like gaze, wonderful sense of humor (I swear they know they’re funny) and intelligence is so charming, it’s hard to resist them. It is no wonder the world has fallen in love with Australian Labradoodles.

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