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Texas Labradoodle – Frequently Asked Questions

As you explore the possibility of welcoming an Australian Labradoodle into your family, having a comprehensive understanding of this breed is crucial. Distinct from Labradoodles, Australian Labradoodles boast a reputation for consistency, hypoallergenic qualities, and specific coat types.
These unique attributes make them a great option for potential pet owners and their families seeking these specific qualities. Texas Labradoodles compiled a list of questions potential families ask themselves about this beautiful dog breed. 
Australian Labradoodle Questions

While both Australian Labradoodles and Labradoodles share a common ancestry, they have distinct differences.

Here’s a breakdown of frequently asked questions:

Labradoodle Lineage and Consistency:
  • Australian Labradoodle: Bred with a focus on consistency and hypoallergenic qualities. They are considered multi-generational (5th generation or higher) and may include genes from other breeds like Cocker Spaniel and Irish Water Spaniel.
  • Labradoodle: Can be any generation (F1, F2, F3, etc.) and primarily possess Labrador and Poodle genes. This results in greater variation in size, coat type, temperament, and shedding.
Labradoodle Coat Differences:
  • Australian Labradoodle: Primarily known for their fleece or wool coat, which is soft, non-shedding, and ideal for allergy sufferers. A straight or shedding coat is considered improper and not common in Australian Labradoodles.
  • Labradoodle: Coat type can vary significantly depending on generation and breeding. Some may have a fleece coat like the Australian Labradoodle, while others may have a curlier Poodle-like coat or a Labrador-like coat that sheds.
Labradoodle Temperament Differences:
  • Australian Labradoodles: Generally considered calmer and more even-tempered than Labradoodles. They are also known for being highly trainable and eager to please. Make sure the breeder understands the importance of breeding for temperament.
  • Labradoodles: Temperament can vary depending on generation and breeding. Some may be more energetic and playful, while others may be more laid-back and relaxed. It is important to work with a breeder who understands how to breed for temperament.
Labradoodle Size Difference:
  • Australian Labradoodles: Available in three sizes: Standard (20-24 inches), Medium (17-20 inches), and Miniature (14-17 inches).
  • Labradoodles: Can vary in size depending on generation and breeding. They can fall within the same size range as Australian Labradoodles, but some may be smaller or larger. There is less predictability in lab/poodle mix Labradoodles size than in the Australian Labradoodle.

Here is the key differences between Labradoodles and Australian Labradoodles:

The Australian Labradoodle is the best Labradoodle breed

Ultimately, the best type of Labradoodle is the Australian Labradoodle for consistency in coat, temperament, health and trainability. Consider what is most important to you in a dog, such as coat type, temperament, size, and activity level. Do your research and talk to breeders of both Australian Labradoodles and Labradoodles to find the best fit for your family.

Australian Labradoodle Questions
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Gold Australian Labradoodle

Frequently Asked Questions about our Texas Australian Labradoodles

Questions to ask your Labradoodle Breeder

Choosing a reputable Labradoodle breeder is crucial when getting a Labradoodle puppy. Here are some essential questions you should ask before making your decision.

Additional tips when choosing a Labradoodle breeder:

  • Do your research and avoid breeders who seem unprofessional or who offer puppies at a significantly lower price than other breeders.
  • Read reviews on Google about the breeder
  • Visit the breeder’s facility and meet the parents and puppies in person.
  • Be prepared to ask lots of questions and don’t be afraid to walk away from a breeder who you don’t feel comfortable with.

By asking these Labradoodle questions and doing your due diligence, you can increase your chances of finding a reputable breeder and bringing home a healthy, well-adjusted Labradoodle puppy. Here are Texas Labradoodles we strive to lead with care in breeding an find amazing homes through puppy matchmaking. Check out the Australian Labradoodle Association of America for more information.

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