Available Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

All of our current and soon to be born litters are sold.

We are currently taking reservations for 2021 litters.

We will have minis, mediums and standards.

We are actively looking for guardian families that have lots of time at home to spend with their dogs.

chocolate Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Daenerys Targaryen AKA Dani


cream Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Axel

ALAA- 080836

Dani and Axel are expecting a litter mid-December. Ginger, Dani’s sister, just had an amazing litter of puppies with Axel and we are just thrilled with this current litter.  Both Ginger and Dani’s litters are from our oldest Australian Labradoodle bloodlines, their grandmother was one of our first dogs. Dani has proven herself as a great bird hunting dog and an amazing companion.  Axel is the son of two of our favorite dogs, Popi and Oscar (from our friend Dixie at Dixie’s Doodles), he is the great gradnson of our precious Goldie and he absolutely got the best of both of his wonderful parents. He is gorgeous, kind, loving and so smart. We feel so blessed for these new babies to arrive! This litter is all sold.

chocolate female Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Cocoa Puff


chocolate male Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Canis Leo


Cocoa and Leo are expecting a litter of small mediums/large minis mid-December. These puppies will be under 30 lbs and have wavy fleece coats.  We are expecting a great range of colors and extra sweet temperments from these two perfect Australian Labradoodles. Cocoa is a chocolate with silver in her coat and weighs 23 lbs and Leo is caramel and weighs 35 lbs.

apricot mini Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Mabel Rosa Lee



carmel Australian Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Canis Leo


We are expecting a beauitful large mini/small medium litter from Moe and Leo in December. These beautiful puppies will have wavy fleece coats in apricot, caramel and gold. Moe and Leo are kind and loving dogs with outgoing and friendly tempraments and we can’t wait to meet these babies.

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