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goldie our original texas

Texas Labradoodles has some of the best multi-generational Australian Labradoodles bloodlines available today

As breeders, we aspire to offer the very best Australian Labradoodle puppies in the country and we take this task very seriously every day, from birth to go home day.

Our breeding program offers fully health-tested Australian Labradoodle Puppies. We breed mini, medium and standard Australian Labradoodles. We are careful not to breed bloodlines too closely by checking the coefficient of inbreeding with every sire and dam pairing.

We do a series of health testing on all of our potential breeding dogs for hips, elbows, genetic diseases and improper coats. By being responsible with our breeding program, we empower the future of this wonderful and lovely breed by improving our bloodlines with every generation. 

Texas Labradoodles takes pride in having multiple dogs in service work, including guide dogs, therapy dogs and emotional support dogs. We work with A & M and other non profit organizations on a regular basis to provide them with hypo-allergenic, non-shedding dogs that are suitable for service dog work.

We use our experience and knowledge to socialize our puppies carefully and positively from birth.

Our dogs are a blessing to us and our Texas Labradoodles families and we are honored to be the stewards of these amazing canines.

Texas Labradoodles Rosie Girl


Rosie is a character. She has made us laugh so many times, we just wish we could speak her language so she could tell us what she’s thinking, but one thing we know is that she’s super smart, and she out smarts us quite often. With her gorgeous red wavy fleece coat, intelligence and sense of humor (she’s so funny), we never get enough of Rosie Girl. Rosie is a mini Australian Labradoodle.

Australian Labradoodle puppies
Millie good

Texas Labradoodles Ms. Millie


Millie is the sweetest little mini Australian Labradoodle girl! She’s hilarious with her own style in everything she does and we absolutely love this tiny little lady. Her puppies are some of the cutest and most gregarious puppies we’ve had.

Texas Labradoodles Fleur De Lily AKA Lily


Lily is a funny girl that is always sweet, loving and enthusiastic to meet new friends. We are so proud of the great job she does as a companion to her family and as a mother to her sweet puppies. Lily is a daughter of Popi and Oscar, this pairing has consistently produced some of our all time favorite dogs. Lily is a large medium Australian Labradoodle.

Lily e1655244403833
Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Texas Labradoodles Cocoa Puff


Cocoa is our precious mini Australian Labradoodle girl from Zelda (thanks to Downunder Labradoodles for our sweet girl Zelda) and Dutch (thanks to Dixie’s Doodles and Legenradary Labradoodles for sharing this great boy with us). Cocoa is the result of extraordinary breeding and exactly why we love raising these amazing dogs. This sweet girl weighs 25 lbs. She’s a beautiful, kind dog that always aims to please us. What a blessing.

Texas Labradoodles Clover


Clover is as funny as she is smart and beautiful. She was one of the first black and white partis that we delivered and we are thrilled to see the unique coloring. We look forward to lots of funny, smart and beautiful puppies from this gorgeous girl. Clover is a mini Australian Labradoodle.

Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Texas Labradoodles Estelle


Estelle is a perfect great granddaughter of one of our all-time favorite and original dogs, Dotty. Although Estelle weighs 35 lbs, her great grandmother and grandmother weigh 75 lbs, so she has standard genes in her DNA. Most importantly, her confirmation is fantastic and her sweet temperament and intelligence are the result of almost two decades of great breeding. Estelle is a medium Australian Labradoodle.

Texas Labradoodles Lyra Silvertongue AKA Ruby


Ruby is such a happy, gorgeous girl. We are so grateful to have this true Ruby red lady as part of the Texas Labradoodles family. She is happy, easy-going and so loving, she’s a true joy to have around. Everything we could hope for in an Australian Labradoodle Puppy.

Lavender Australian Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Rose Roundtree


Rose is the daughter of Ginger and Axel, one of our all time favorite dogs and from both of our original bloodlines. She is an amazing girl with a curly coat that has turned from chocolate to gorgeous silver lavender. She is smart, obedient, loving and snuggly. She is another amazing example of great breeding and the importance of knowing how to bring the right two dogs together to get the best of the best. Rose is a medium Australian Labradoodle.

Australian Labradoodle Sires

Texas Labradoodles Groucho Marx


Groucho is a bit of an obsession in our family. We fell hard for him the moment he was born and we have loved him ever since. He’s a VERY smart and funny dog that entertains endlessly. Groucho is a mini Australian Labradoodle and to say he is charming doesn’t quite cover it, but trust us, he’s very easy to love. Groucho is the very best of Australian Labradoodles!

Cream Australian Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Bodhi Jack Schafer


Bodhi is the sweet son of Annie and Ollie and he looks just like his mama! He is very smart and friendly and loves everyone. Bodhi has a gold wavy fleece coat with white markings. Bodhi is a mini Australian Labradoodle.

Texas Labradoodles Canis Leo


Beautiful Leo is the son of our sweet Ginger. We are absolutely thrilled with his good looks and fun temperament. He is always happy, ready to play and ready to cuddle. We are grateful to have this handsome boy in our breeding program. Leo is a medium Australian Labradoodle.

leo standing
Apricot and white parti Australian Labradoodle

Downunder’s Sundance


Sundance is our golden sweet boy. He has gorgeous parti markings with lots of white. He is one of the sweetest, smartest dogs we’ve ever had. Thanks to Butch Charlton with Downunder Labradoodles for this precious addition to our family. Sundance is a large medium Australian Labradoodle.

Downunder’s Butch Cassidy AKA Indie


If a dog can be sexy, our Indie fits the bill! He’s so good-looking and we are so excited to meet his future babies!! What a great addition to our dogs. We are grateful, once again, to Butch Charlton of Down under Labradoodles for this phenomenal boy. Indy is a medium Australian Labradoodle.

downunders butch cassidy aka indie
Mini Chocolate Australian Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Ollie


Ollie is such a cool guy. He loves his guardian family and is an absolute cuddle bug. We are grateful to have this son of Millie and Dixie’s Doodles Ziggy in our breeding program. His puppies are often calm, quiet and sweet, just like dad. Ollie is a mini Australian Labradoodle.

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