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Here are just a few of our wonderful stories from our Texas Labradoodles families. Check out our Texas Labradoodles Facebook page to hear more recommendations for Texas Labradoodles from our friends and families.

Texas Labradoodle Recommendations

Hi Mardee
I thought you would like to see some pictures of Samwise now that he is about 2 and a half. He has truly been a blessing in our lives and the best dog we could have asked for – I call him my rock star dog because he makes so many people smile and he attracts LOTS of attention everywhere we go. Samwise LOVES people, is playful, smart and basically is happiest when he is around Jeff and me or at the dog ranch playing with other dogs. Our boy weighs between 50 and 55 pounds. Thank you for breeding him, he is a phenomenal dog and we love him more than I ever thought we could.

Kori W.

Lizzie now Lucy:
“I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much we love Captain Lucy. She is sweet, well behaved, getting along with our other doggie and brings us joy. Thank you, Amy”

Texas Labradoodles Today

All of our dogs are just this amazing and we are so happy to share them with our wonderful families. If you are ready to reserve a Labradoodle puppy, complete the reservation form.

Recommendations for Texas Labradoodles

About one and half years ago we purchased our first Australian Labradoodle, Charli. Charli is a loving, smart and wonderful new addition to our family. She is independent and easily trained. My wife was the pack leader with Charli and they both attended obedience classes together. Charli is truly a special dog, not just because she is ours, we hear it all the time when peoplevisit our home. We really enjoy how much Charli made everyone in the family happier.

Fast forward to Christmas 2011 and my wife mentioned if we should consider getting a playmate for Charli. I remember when I was younger how much fun my two Chows would have playing with each other so I said, let’s look into it. Well, as fate would have it, Mardee had recently posted a new litter on her website and she still had a couple chocolate pups available, so we decided to request one of the pups and at the end of January this year we brought Maddy home.

Our home is a much happier place with Charli and Maddy in it. If you are considering an awesome pet that does not shed and is extremely loving and smart, then you may want to give Mardee a call and get on the waiting list.

We can’t thank you enough!

Texas Labradoodles puppies
Recommendations for Texas Labradoodles

“Hi Mardee,

Just wanted to say hello. We were just talking about how pretty Eloise is. She has such a pretty profile. At our neighborhood 4th of July parade and picnic there were a lot of Labradoodles. None came close to Eloise. We and all of our friends daily comment on what a wonderful dog she is. Our trainer says she’s one of the best dogs he’s ever worked with. He keeps our dogs when we travel. Hope your family is doing well. If you are ever considering to stop breeding please let us know so we can get another before you retire. Your dogs are hands down the best we continue to have ever seen. We definitely see another Texas Labradoodle in our future!

Fondly Polly”

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