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We love our dogs and we love being able to share them with our families

we love our dogs

Our goal is to always put our dogs health and safety first and we believe as long as that is at the forefront of our breeding program we will not only be offering amazing companions to our families, but we will also be serving the canine community at large by strictly following best practices for breeding that includes health testing all of our breeding dogs, spay and neutering all of our pet puppies before they leave and providing our dogs with the very best in nutrition and vet care.
Approaching our breeding program from a place of love and respect for dogs has made us exceptional at raising our Australian Labradoodles.

Posh Doodle Initiative

Posh Doodle has been an idea for some time. After so many years of raising these fantastic dogs, we’ve certainly developed some opinions about dog products and products that are best for Doodles specifically. From durability to grooming-specific needs, Doodles do better with certain products. We believe in having the most natural products possible for our family, and we treat our dogs like our children, so finding organic shampoos and non-toxic chew toys is important to us. Many of these products are from small companies and can’t be found on prominent websites. But those are just the companies we like to work with. People who care about what they’re putting Wento the world and who care about how their products impact their customers and the environment. We spend hours shopping for just these products to make everything available in a tiny website geared towards everything Doodles and their loving owners could want or need. We are always and forever on the hunt for the best new Doodle products for our Doodles and yours!

posh doodle initiative

What we Do

All puppies should be spayed or neutered before leaving your breeder’s home, breeder says. Breeder: Always putting the animal first is the most compassionate, ethical, and responsible way to get new lives into the world. Sadly, many people are breeding just for money, and they are happy to cut corners any way they can with healthcare for their breeding dogs. Only breeders that do early spay and neuter, be part of the solution, says breeder. If all puppies across all breeds were spayed and neutered, there would be a massive reduction in the number of dogs in shelters.

Here are some of the most important things that you can look for in your breeder:

  • The parents of your puppy have been tested and passed hip and elbow testing through PENN hip or OFA (orthopedic foundation association)
  • Have genetic health testing done by Paw Print Genetics that is specific to Australian Labradoodles
  • Have puppy parents’ eyes tested and examined regularly and running genetic tests for eye diseases.

All puppies should be wormed and have age-appropriate shots before leaving their breeder.

Puppies should not go to public places until they have had all of their shots at 16 weeks old. Deadly viruses such as Parvo and Distemper can live in soil for years, so keeping puppies in controlled areas for play and potty is imperative to protect them from these diseases until they are fully vaccinated.

Start your puppy on Heartguard between 10-12 weeks old.

Start a training program with your puppy when you get them. We recommend Baxter and Bella. You can email Mardee for more information and a discount code for this fantastic online training program. It’s important for puppy training and socialization to begin with your breeder and continue as soon as you get your new puppy. Time flies and the first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life is the most important for life long lessons; make sure you are giving your puppy positive associations to everything they are exposed to; Baxter and Bella online training program will help you prepare for your puppy and get them off on the right paw.

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