Videos of Texas Labradoodles

Here is a quick view into our wonderful world of Texas Labradoodles. We can’t say enough about the kindness and genuine love these dogs offer our family for more than a decade. We hope you enjoy these sweet videos, some show how cute and funny our Labradoodles are, but some of the videos show just how smart these dogs are at such a young age!

Australian Labradoodle Videos

Labradoodle Puppies – the first weeks

This is such a sweet time in our home. We love their tiny paw pads and their puppy breath. These tiny, silly souls are truly a gift every day. If you have not seen the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” I could not recommend a movie for dog lovers more! Each delivery of every litter reminds that a new sweet soul has just come into the world and that each of these precious lives will go on to become a great friend, protector and family member. Every dog is such a blessing.

Precious Labradoodle Puppies

This video brings a smile to my face every time I see it. Just as our puppies grow so fast, so has our youngest son, James, who you see running from these 11 Labradoodles! James is 13 years old now and as tall as his dad! Time flies when you’re having fun (running from puppies).

Genius Jack

It never ceases to amaze us how easily these puppies are trained. The training in these videos is the result of minutes of work with these smart puppies. Every one of these Labradoodles is responding to key words and positive reinforcement in 2 to 3 attempts. We love all dogs, but we truly believe that these are the smartest, most trainable dogs in the world!




Texas Labradoodles in training

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