Breeding excellence

in our Texas Labradoodles

At Texas Labradoodles, we strive to breed the perfect parents in order to deliver perfect puppies. Our dogs are ALAA registered multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. Starting with the best Australian bloodlines 12 years ago has allowed us to continue to improve the trainability, temprament, coat and over-all quality of our dogs by choosing the best of our puppies for our breeding program. As with all things in life, time and experience helps us be the best at raising these incredible dogs. All of our precious puppies have all of the wonderful qualities that are most desired in our breed:

  • Hypo-allergenic, very-low shed to no-shed coats
  • Sweet tempraments
  • High trainability
  • Proper Socialization starting at 3 days old
  • Wonderful with children
  • Trainable as therapy dogs, assitance dogs and even guide dogs.

We breed premium ALAA registered multi-generational authentic Australian Labradoodles. They are the pinnacle of Labradoodles and what every person that is searching for a Labradoodle wants in their new family member. Contact us today for more information.

Dotty, one of our first breeding dogs. We started out with great bloodlines and they just keep getting better!

Goldie with her first litter,

11 beautiful apricots.

Our first-class breeding program began in 2006. We started with the finest Australian Labradoodle bloodlines and a great ALAA breeder mentor. We feel so blessed every day to have these exceptional dogs as the center of our lives as well as the wonderful people that we have relationships with through our dogs.

Bella at 4 weeks old.