Goldie, our original Texas Labradoodle

Breeder registration number for Texas Labradoodles:


Our Australian Labradoodle Girls

Texas Labradoodles Bella

ALAA registration #031328

Bella is a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle and she is such a sweetheart! Never getting enough LOVE, hugs and kisses, she will stare at you for days to be sure you know she loves you and only you and that goes for everyone. Bella’s inherent sweetness comes from Goldie, her mother.

Her unusual phantom markings are gorgeous to go with her sweet soul.  Bella is a small medium, weighing just over 35 lbs. and is about 19 inches at the shoulder.

Downunder’s Zelda

Registration # ALAA 051119

Zelda is such a precious girl, so soft with her wavy, fleece coat and she has the most beautiful eyes. This sweet girl is one of the best snugglers we’ve had and she never tires of hugs and kisses. Zelda is a large mini at 25 lbs. Thanks to Butch Charleton for this amazing girl.

Texas Labradoodles

Goldie’s Sweet Pearl “Popi”

Registration number ALAA 053040 

Popi has one of the best coats we’ve ever seen. This girl is the perfect combination of wavy fleece with loose curls with gorgeous big brown eyes that melt your heart. Although she is a professional sock theif, she loves retreiving anything you throw for her. Popi is a sweetheart. Popi is a small medium at 34 lbs.

Texas Labradoodles Princess Fiona

ALAA registration #030812

Fiona is a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle. She is a like a clone of her mom, Dotty. Fiona has movie star teeth, amazingly sweet eyes and she’s built like a brick house, thick and solid. Although Fiona is not very tall, about 21 inches at the shoulder, she weighs more than 60 lbs. This girl is a sweet love that adores being hugged and rubbed on. Her coloring is amazing, starting out as chocolate as a puppy, she is much more of a sable chocolate now and we are in love with her.

Texas Labradoodles

Little Lu Lemon

Registration # ALAA 029844

Little Lu is a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle. . Little Lu is the daughter of two of my most favorite dogs, Dixie’s Doodles Mudgee and our Rosie. She’s the perfect combination of both of her parents. She has  Mudgee’s lab-ish good looks, loose, wavy fleece coat with her mother’s amber eyes and apricot cream color. She’s one of the funniest dogs I’ve ever known. Little Lu’s bloodlines have both Tegan Park and Rutland Manor.

Our Australian Labradoodle Sires and Future Sires

 Downunder’s Maximillian Sol

registration number ALAA-053434

Our precious, funny and wonderful old soul, Max, thanks to Butch Charleton for this outstanding boy! He has a fantastic fleece curly coat, which is the perfect compliment to our girls loose wavy coats. Max’s is temprament is one of the best we’ve seen. He’s confident, incredibly smart and very funny, as is expected with Australian Labradoodles.

Registration number: ALAA-059196

Dixie’s Rocky Road the Champ

Our newest sire, Rocky Road the Champ, thanks to Dixie’s Doodles for this sweet boy! At just 6 months old, Rocky is so confident and laid back. We fell in love with him instantly and he is proving himself to be an outstanding future sire in every way!