Texas Labradoodles

Established 2006

Texas Labradoodles is proud to be an ALAA registered breeder of authentic multi-generational Australian Labradoodles.

Our dogs come from the original Australian bloodlines of

Rutland Manor and Teagan Park.


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Drake graduated from beginner obedience tonight. He was the star of the class and the trainers encouraged us to take him farther and to compete. You’ve done a great job as a breeder and we are so happy with Drake.”

The Youngblood Family

 Drake in his Santa hat




“Hi Mardee,

Just wanted to say hello. We were just talking about how pretty Eloise is. She has such a pretty profile.
At our neighborhood 4th of July parade and picnic there were a lot of Labradoodles. None came close to Eloise. We and all of our friends daily comment on what a wonderful dog she is. Our trainer says she’s one of the best dogs he’s ever worked with. He keeps our dogs when we travel. Hope your family is doing well.
If you are ever considering to stop breeding please let us know so we can get another before you retire. Your dogs are hands down the best we continue to have ever seen.
We definitely see another Texas Labradoodle in our future!
Polly” July 2017

Texas Labradoodles’ Mission

Breeding healthy, well-socialized, smart and friendly dogs is our priority. We begin this process with a multitude of genetic tests to ensure we are breeding the healthist dogs possible. Temprament, coat and trainability for different types of disciplines are key in our breeding program. Creating perfect family members, guide dogs, therapy dogs and best friends begins with breeding the perfect parents. Years of care and experience have made us experts at accomplishing high standards set by the ALAA and our own personal goals for our dogs.
We know that a Texas Labradoodle bred dog is the finest of our wonderful breed and we are so proud to have produced such wonderful companions and working dogs.

Please refer to our History of Labradoodles page for more information about the differences in breeding practices and what that might mean to you regarding coat, temprament and trainability.